Temporary Hiatus

My apologies, but due to State Testing wreaking havoc with my schedule (and thus stressing me out and disrupting my sleep schedule), I have fallen behind in my editing. I am roughly halfway through the novel and was progressing quite well until the tests started up about two weeks ago and I haven’t had the time/energy to do anything since. I had a fairly wide buffer of chapters up and ready to go, which is how it has continued these past two weeks without me, but that has sadly ran out.

I plan to return to posting sometime late next week (i.e. either May 3rd or 5th) and it should continue unabated from there. At the current rate, I anticipate I’ll be done with my edit sometime in late-May or early-June and the novel should be posted in its entirety sometime in July (maybe early-August at the latest. Once the novel is done editing, I hope to get started on what I’ve been referring to as my “No Books of Men” series, which I am honestly very excited about… Some notes/worldbuilding info will probably start trickling in on Tuesdays within the next month or so, so stay tuned!


“Untitled Novel” – Chapter 26

Chapter 26 – Bedding Down

Note: This is a long chapter. I remember wanting to split it up into two (or even three) parts, but I can’t (and couldn’t) define a smooth dividing point(s). Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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