We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Posting…

This Blog is not intended to be a personal one. While there will be the occasional post about my personal thoughts and feelings they will be primarily focused on topics related to my writing. While I suppose this post isn’t much different, as there is a connection to my writing, it is much more personal than you will likely see on this blog…

Simply put, I love my wife.

I can’t even put into words how much I care for her. I’ve tried before, I’m trying now, and I’ll try again in the future. Doesn’t matter, words will never come close to the real feelings I have for her. Without her love and support, most of the writing on here wouldn’t exist. Without her encouragement, I think I would have given up on all this ages ago. Without her frequently kicking me (both literally and figuratively), I would have deleted and never shared most if not all my writing. Truth be told, I can’t even truthfully swear I would still be breathing if it weren’t for her.

She is the reason I wake up in the morning. The desire to ensure she lives comfortably is why I go in to work on the bad days. She reminds me to take care of myself if when I forget. She drags me out when I hit a dark mood and start criticizing myself too much. She’s even patient with me when I fail to do any of it. I like to think I do the same for her and I know she appreciates that as much as I do. We make each other better and I love her all the more for it.

Today marks the fifth anniversary of our marriage, and the twelfth anniversary of being there for each other. I can’t even imagine life without her and honestly I don’t even want to…

I love you, Elysse!

P.S. If anybody had any doubt… When this editing project is complete, it’s a certainty that she will be the first on the acknowledgements page of the finished novel.


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