Warcraft Poetry – Part 2

As promised last week, here the other half of the Warcraft related poetry I finished. These are the Horde races and there are more of them. Though I might be a double agent and bounce between the factions, my heart will always lie with the Horde and these reflect that preference.

As before I warn that while these were written in an uptick of interest and understanding of poetry, they are still a clumsy attempt at best. I tried, and got closer than ever before, but I was (and am) unpracticed and unrefined. Please keep that in mind when reading…

We Are Forsaken

Warm sunlight shines upon the backs of Lordaeron
Bakers transform golden wheat into life
Breaking Bread with evening meals
Plague spreads across the land
Eyes grow heavy


Eyes blink awake
Heart as still as the grave
Finally freed from mindless death
Lifeless husks wander devastated lands
Cold moonlight shines on the ruins of Lordaeron

Hearts of Darkness

In de ancient past
from de jungles we fled
Enemy forced our
hiding upon the waves

Island peace destroyed
by ocean witch envy.
Saved by strange green skins
Invited to freedom

We polish our spears
and stand against de dark.
Honor de warchief
and cleanse our history

Walkers With the Sun

An’she rises over the Bluffs
Mulgore seems like a paradise
Gentle Breezes through the valley
Gems twinkle upon the grasses

New Dawns bathe the Tauren in light
Nights of blood and dust at an end
Hellish wars with brutish centaur
Heat of passions promise much joy

To Victory!

Lok’tar Ogar
Proud Orgrimmar
Rough Durotar
Bearing Our Scar
Once Corrupted
Legion Tainted
Piling the Dead
A People Freed
By a Slave’s Deed
and His New Creed
to Grand Fate Lead.


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