“Untitled Novel” – Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Conflict

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“No Books of Men: Vol 1” – Orientation

Today, something a little different. I’m losing a bit of steam on my “Untitled Novel” edit, so rather than let myself burn out completely, I’ve been getting started writing some of the stuff for my No Books project. When finished, the No Books saga is (if finished as planned) a pentology (or whatever you call a five book series) with each containing one part of the its story arc. I’m approaching this one a bit differently however, as I’m not writing “chapters” per se, so much as I’m writing short stories that all tie together.

Also, in the interest of full disclosure, this project is heavily based on the roleplaying experience I ran on the site No Books of Men, and while the plot and overall arcs are about 95% my creation some of it did change in the course of that site’s existence. The characters are probably about 60-70% mine too, but there are others mixed in there which were Player Characters created by others.  I will attempt to give credit for those I have permission to use, and those I cannot get permission for will have names and basic elements changed to “protect the innocent” (and my own butt).

This story contains characters owned by others. Avery Gannon belongs to my friend Angie and is used with permission. Noah Fenwick belongs to my wife, Elysse and is used with permission.

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