“Untitled Novel” – Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Bobbi

My words died as I noticed the stillness of the room. For a brief moment, I cursed the apparent loss of another friend. I scanned the room, hoping there would be more clues than in the others. Bobbi’s items were stacked neatly against one wall and seemed as undisturbed as all the others. The room itself was as immaculate as any other I had seen beyond the bags themselves. Finally my eyes fell upon the bed, I released a sigh of relief.

There was someone in the bed and there was a slowly rise and fall in time with the faint sound of breathing. It was Bobbi alright, but she was so still and silent that I had missed her presence at first. Fortunately, she seemed to only be sleeping. Slowly and quietly I shut the door behind me. I hoped to buy us a moment to speak in private once she was awake. I walked across the room to sit on the bed. As I out to shake her awake, I noticed something that made me hesitate. Something, or somethings rather, struck me as oddly unsettling.

Bobbi lay sprawled across the bed, the sheets having been gently tucked in so as to tightly wrap her form. Between how closely the sheets hugged her form and the bare shoulders above the sheets, I realized she was naked. That alone would be enough to give me pause, but I a few other details seemed amiss. Her hair, which had weeks ago begun to show her sandy roots, was now solid pink and a softer shade than I ever seen it and now seemed closer to cotton candy in both color and consistency. Her hair also grown substantially and was draped lightly across the pillow. She also appeared to be wearing make-up. It was artfully done and very flattering, but Bobbi had never seemed the sort to bother. As long as I had known her she had maintained basic hygiene and cleanliness, nothing more. Even a few of her ear piercings had been removed, to be replaced with simple diamond studs. I had no idea what was going on and I didn’t like it, but I finally reached out and gave her a gentle nudge.

Bobbi’s eyes fluttered open, a soft and moan escaping her lips and a broad smile traced the edges of her mouth. “Master…” She practically gasped the word, overcome with some strange and powerful emotion. She surged forward, every muscle in her body tensed with passion. She wrapped arms around me and shoved her face forward to lock lips with mine.

I immediately recoiled in both shock and surprise at her sudden and amorous advances. Her arms were still wrapped tightly around my shoulders however and her weight threw off my balance. With a soft thud we tumbled to the floor.
I attempted to extricate myself from the candy haired girl, but even her surprisingly long hair seemed to wrap itself around me, only making matters worse. While I struggled, she continued to gasp and groan seductively. She clearly meant to entice me or something, but instead only inspired confusion and disgusted horror.

As I struggled, I cursed whatever had caused this strangeness. Bobbi and I had had our differences, but this was simply undignified. I used my growing anger to finally wrest myself free from the grip of the naked woman, her hair, and her sheets. She tumbled forward, a look of deep confusion and rejection spreading across her face like wildfire. I heard a long and low whimper erupt from her throat; it was the saddest noise that I had ever heard. It was deeply primal and seemed to come from the depths of her very soul.

Backing away, I kept my eyes locked on her at all times, wary of what she might try next and worried that her pathetic wimpering was a ruse. My mind whirred wildly as I tried to puzzle out what had happened to her, how, and why. It did not take much thought to ascertain the why: I had no doubt that the disgusting perversions of Alexander had something to with this bizarre situation. If the man was twisted enough to manipulate and claim a barely pubescent wife, I would not put it past him to attempt enslavement of the mind of another woman. What that didn’t explain what the what or how… A moment later I realized: it wasn’t only Bobbi who had show strange signs of compliance and obedience. I began to suspect that there was some form of manipulation at work.

I thought back to when Anne had been brushing my hair and how I had felt utterly overwhelmed with contentedness and relaxation. It would have been so easy at that moment to have slipped into a trance, and thus a pliable state. My guess was that Anne’s inexperience and my determination was all that had saved me from a similarly hypnotic fate.

Bobbi slowly dragged herself across the floor in my direction. Her groping as she crawled forward in mindless lust was eerily reminiscent of something out of a Romero film. I swallowed the lump in my throat and tried to focus. I couldn’t leave her behind, but I didn’t know how to put things right either. I felt so powerless and frustrated that I almost didn’t hear the door open.

In a panic, I stared up at the door. I had been caught, and this was the end. I was so terrified that I tripped over Bobbi’s bags and tumbled to the floor. Bobbi seized the opportunity to grab a hold of me and pull herself on top of me, grinding frantically against my side before I had time to react. Looking between my bizarrely overamorous friend and the door, I knew that I was doomed as the door swung wide to reveal my accuser.

Note: The next chapter is a controversial one and it involves some uncomfortable and explicit (i.e. rape) scenes. So I’ve decided to lock it to prevent accidental opening. If you wish to read it anyhow (which I’d love the feedback on whether its worth keeping) the password is: libram.


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