“Untitled Novel” – Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Busted

Another long one. Might be possible to break up, but I don’t think there’s a logical break point. If there is and anyone spots it, I’d love to hear the suggestion…

The basement lit up as if someone had switched on a light. Loud booming steps struck hollow wooden stairs. I couldn’t hold back a terrified gasp and a glance to Bobbi revealed an equal concern in her eyes. We were in trouble and we both knew it. Alexander was back. We had been too slow.

With a final boom he stopped on the lowest step and paused beneath the celler door through which he had entered. His position, atop the final step and framed by the sunlight above, gave the illusion that he was somehow larger. He looked like some nightmarish giant looming over us.

The light made his form seem fuzzy and indistinct, making details hard to see. His thin hair was wild, as if swept by some invisible wind. His suit was disheveled and the muscles beneath his corpulent rolls were taut. It looked as if he had struggled against some wild creature. He somehow looked greasier and fatter than he had at supper. Somehow, his solitary eye seemed to glow red with malevolence in that gloomy basement.

“Well, well, well. What have we here?” His voice dripped with a mixture of threat and amusement. “It seems that my guests have wandered from their beds.” He chuckled lightly to himself. “I suppose that means the secrets of Paradise have been revealed…”

He paused, as if waiting for our response. None was offered. I was too busy trying to figure a way out of this mess. If Rick were conscious, I felt that we would’ve had a better chance. He was still down for the count though, and we couldn’t leave him behind. I felt adrenaline rush coldly through my veins. Fight or flight. I doubted the latter would even be an option. I had to be ready.

“Not feeling chatty now, eh?” His sole eye bore into me, accusing. “Strange. You were so impertinent before…” He cocked his head to one side in mocking curiosity. “Did you find your answers, little girl? Or are you just running scared from something you don’t understand?” He laughed cruelly.

Still, I said nothing. Instead I considered our chances if we made a break for the stairs and out through the kitchen. Would we have enough time to make it out before we were found by Janice? Was she already making her way down here?

Alexander’s gaze drifted over to Bobbi. “And you. You were to be my bride. Such a pity… We could have been so happy together! What happened? How are you here? You seemed so pliable, at least more than your arrogant friend, and Janice is so talented with the process…” He stopped and stared for a moment, watching on as Bobbi stared back at him, unmoving. “Or maybe you…” He grinned so wide his face distended, making his feature resemble some grotesque mask in the dim lighting. “No. You were broken. Shattered like a mirror. Someone beat me to you.” His eyes drifted curiously to me. “Someone tried to put you back together again.” He laughed. “Who was it? Who do you serve now? Did you prostate yourself before this whore?” He pointed at me with accusation.

I glanced at Bobbi, noticed her grim expression, and took a deep breath. Ready to defend myself, I felt challenges bubble to the surface of my thoughts. Before I could say a thing however, I heard Bobbi’s voice. It was soft, gentle, and suprisingly bold. “No! I serve no one! She saved me!” Her voice echoed, reverberated off the walls and around the room. They were simple, yet profound.

Alexander laughed. “You’ve been processed, girl. You’ve been Subjugated, you can never be saved.” He turned to look at me, with an accusing glare. “Not only have you lain with another woman, a most despicable act, but you have been given the cruelest master of them all. The one that pretends to care.” He shook his head, disgusted. “She fills your head with lies… ‘You will be free.’ ‘Live your life.’ ‘I am not your master.’ All lies! She deceives you. It will only be a matter of time before she has you on your knees, forcing you to beg for the right to pleasure her.” He glared at me, like an angry child who was accusing me of breaking his favorite new toy. “It is human nature, you see. This is God’s gift.”

He remained standing on that step, lording over us like some self-absorbed messiah. “The world was full of the worst kinds of people. Sluts and whores and homosexuals and freaks. They were convinced that fornication was their right and their privilege. What they never realized is that such is not theirs to claim. It is not about pleasure, nor even reproduction. It is about power. We are creatures of power. Humanity seeks power or worships those who have it.”

“These dark days bring with them two points of light. The eye of God watches down upon us! It supports and admonishes as he sees fit! The reality of life has finally been revealed. Those who chose to rut like beasts; beasts they became. Those who gave in to inhuman thoughts and desires; they became inhuman. Only the purest remained human, but the remaining sheep of humanity still sought out power.

“I was more than happy to give it to them. I stripped away their foolish notions and their perverted natures in the moment of exaltation. When their illusion of self was at its weakest, their souls laid bare, their purity rose to the surface or their debasement warped them into monstrosities. Those who fall to corruption can only serve to bolster the strength of the pure. The pure, in turn, exist only to worship me, and through me they can reach out to my own master, they can touch God through me!”

Alexander was so caught up in his sermon that his gaze had drifted towards the heavens, losing his sense of the present in the glory of his own words. I knew I needed to seize the opportunity. It had taken a swift elbow in the ribs to bring Bobbi back from her impotent rage, but I finally got her attention. Working together, we dragged Rick’s limp form halfway across the room before Alexander finally realized what we were doing.

He finally came down from his ego stroking. He noticed our feeble attempts to escape and immediately leapt heavily down to the ground. “Fine. If you choose to reject the glory of my power and the truth of God, then you are worthless except as meat for the grinders!” He aggressively stomped across the room, pausing only long enough to grab a bone saw from atop a nearby counter. Brandishing it menacingly, he swiped forward with each step. His face had grown a deep beat color, flushed with angry blood and ready to kill.

Bobbi and I stopped dead in our tracks, frozen with uncertainty. The size and surprising speed of our opponent meant staying mobile would be our best chance, but with Rick hanging limply we were stripped of that option. I glanced around, desperate for something to defend myself. Instinct kicked in. Bobbi and Rick faded from my thoughts in my desperation. I spotted a large knife a short distance away and sprinted for it. I whipped around, ready to parry the large man’s swipes. I was shocked to find my opponent was nowhere near me.

Instead, Alexander had focused on Bobbi. She desperately backed away from him, unarmed and panicked. I faintly heard her cursing as she retreated. I saw he had already scored a grazing blow on her arm, even in the few seconds I had sought to arm myself.

I ran towards the pair, cursing myself as I closed the distance. I quickly glanced to Rick as I ran. I didn’t want another nasty surprise from Alexander, but his prone form was untouched from when I had left it. By the time I had finally wound my way through the labyrinth of tables, Alexander had managed to corner Bobbi. Her eyes darted around, desperately trying to find a way around the rotund man.

“You could have joined us, pretty young thing.” I saw the monster of a man lick his hips menacingly as I started to close the distance. “You would have been my favorite wife. You would have been perfect. I would have kept you writhing in pleasure until you didn’t know your own name and you would have begged for more. It would have been bliss for both of us. We could have lived happily until God finally returned to claim his own, then we would have ascended to his side together…” He licked his lips again. Then he raised the saw menacingly above his head, twisting its blade slightly to ensure it would do as much damage as possible.

At the last moment, just as his arm came down, I leapt upon him. Throwing my entire body forward, I embedded my stolen knife in his shoulder. He bellowed loudly in his pain. If we had not been overheard by now, surely this shout would finally alert anyone able to hear. I didn’t think too hard about that. Instead, I seized the opportunity and wrestled the blade from his hands before he could attempt any more damage with it.

Bobbi wasn’t the sort to passively witness her rescue. She noticed his defenses lower and drove her foot forcefully into his crotch. She glared fiercely at him as he buckled over in pain. She stared straight into his eye and growled, “You talk too much.” She kneed him in the face and slammed an elbow into the back of his head. We were winning, he was going down under our assault. I cried out in victory, certain we would succeed at felling the beast.

Then, with a primal roar Alexander pushed himself powerfully to his feet. He ignored the pain and growled with wounded pride. His fat wobbled atop muscle as he threw the two of us aside like ragdolls.

I hit the concrete floor hard. The impact shook me to the bone. Dazed, I wasn’t sure which end was up and I had to force my eyes focus. I heard Bobbi grunt as she struck the wall and I winced in sympathy. Shaking my head to clear vision, I didn’t notice Alexander approaching until it was too late. I felt a sharp pain shoot through my scalp as he dragged me up by my hair. I cried out at the harsh treatment as I attempted to struggle free of his grasp, to which he only chuckled.

“So, little woman. You thought you were doing so well, didn’t you…? Did you forget that I am God’s own chosen? I am not like the others. I do not serve. I am the master of my domain. Nothing can challenge me here. Pain is temporary. Scars heal. Myself however? I am unstoppable, undefeatable. I am the Alpha and the Omega.” He stared me straight in the eye, giving me the displeasure of my first sight being his single bulging eye as my vision cleared. “Did you really think you could escape? Even without your pitiful and failed attempts to save your friends, you could never have made it out alive. This village is mine to shepherd and its people are my flock. They obey me. If I say jump, they will ask how high. If I say fall, they drop. If I say kill, they beg me for more targets. If I say die, they strangle themselves.” He paused in his tirade when he noticed Bobbi had recovered and charged forward to save me. He casually slammed a meaty hand into her face.

As Bobbi tumbled back to the floor, Alexander gave me a satisfied grin. “All hope is not lost, though, my child. There is still one way you could survive this transgression….” He gave me a broad and lecherous grin. “You can accept my proposal of marriage…” Using his free hand, he roughly pawed at my body. Laughing as I shivered in revulsion, he continued, “You were not my first choice, but your bonded slave can still be mine, if but you acquiesce. I will even allow you to keep your unconscious friend as a pet.” He winked his sole eye, his voice softening as he continued. “See? I can be a merciful master. I would allow you and your treacherous friends to live. You would have the privilage to live forever in shared bliss and they would join you in this perfect outcome… All it takes is one. Little. Word.”

I stopped my struggling only long enough to spit a large glob of spit in his face. “Fuck! you!”

He used his free hand to wipe the spittle from his face, which again deepened the bruise colored purple of rage. “Impudent whore! You are nobody, lower than the scum scraped from beneath my shoe.” Without losing his grip on my hair, he bodily slammed me against the concrete wall. Repeatedly smashing and bashing me until I could see only swirling red in my swimming vision. I braced myself, prepared to accept my own death. I never stopped struggling. Never stopped fighting. Even as I felt my scalp begin to detach from the strain of carrying my weight, I did not stop. It was no use, however. There was nothing I could do to stop him.


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