“No Books of Men” – Demographic Notes (Part 1)

The first in a series of postings revealing my (sometimes overly) thorough brainstorming and worldbuilding put into the No Books setting. Some of the later postings will include some of the write-ups I did for the former roleplaying board that started all this, but these first few regard the updated and altered setting.

This (and the next few to follow) is a demographics write-up. I wanted to create a setting which would have a substantial enough population of each “flavor” of supernatural creatures to justify an actual society for those who have one. Magi (magic-users) are the dominant human “sub-group” but despite their numbers they are not populous enough to dramatically alter history or even be acknowledged by most of the modern world. This isn’t to say they aren’t influential, as Magi (and to a lesser extent the Shifter and Vampire populations) have influenced the course of history in this world, but none can claim to “steer the ship” and instead can “only direct its course.”

Overall Supernatural Population

There are approx. 7.5 million “enhanced humans” in the world.

     – This constitutes roughly .1% of the total world’s population

Total Supernatural Population Breakdown

     – Ratio: 50%
     – Approximately 3.75 million
     – Includes all magic users, regardless of affliation

     – Ratio: 20%
     – Approximately 1.5 milllion
     – Includes all species of shifter, including but not limited to: Wolf, Cat, Snake, Fox, Spider, Bear, Coyote, Raven, etc

     – Ratio: 15%
     – Approximately 1.25 million
     – Includes all subspecies of blood-suckers, including but not limited to: Adze, Aluka, Chupacabrae, Jiang-shi, etc

     – Ratio: 8%
     – Approximately 600 thousand
     – Includes all manner of Fae-Touched but mostly Changelings and the Bound

     – Ratio: 7%
     – Approximately 500 thousand
     – Includes ghosts, constructs, manifested spirits, and other strange things

Note: These numbers only include altered humans, human created, or otherwise sentient humanoids. What is not included are the the rare “Legends,” which are the semi-sentient creatures from mythology. These include such things as dragons (of all shapes and sizes), unicorns, qilin, winged serpents, and other supernatural creatures unrelated to humanity. Legends will be detailed in a later notes post.


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