“No Books of Men” – Demographic Notes (Part 2)

Continuing the demographic notes and “behind the scenes” work on building the world of No Books of Men, this is a breakdown of the “House System” utilized in organizing the High Council. The High Council is the primary protagonist group in the No Books setting, but this isn’t because of any sort of altruism. Certainly, there are some who wholeheartedly embrace the party line of “Enlightenment for all” and actively encourage spreading magic to increasing numbers of the “mortal” population. Just as many (if not more) agree to be under the High Council’s umbrella because of the relative freedom and lack of oversight within the organization. “Magic is personal” is a powerful maxim the High Council follows, but it as often creates selfish jerks as it does philosophical revolutionaries.

I will, at a later date, post the “rules” and philosophy of the two major factions of Magi, but for now this is a breakdown of their “Houses.” Houses are a loose affiliation of similarly minded Magi. Theoretically, any practicing Mage can be categorized (willingly or not) into one of these Houses. For example, if one primarily focuses their magic use (stylistically or literally) on the dead than one would be part of House Mara. The rules don’t always line up though and strange combinations do exist. There is also a small, “unofficial” House dubbed House Nil or House Null. This is House of malcontents and young rebels trying to buck a system seen as oppressive or simplistic. Most members of this House either leave the High Council or join a formal House at a later time, once their tempers have cooled and they see the Houses as the vague generalizations they are in truth.

House CES (Cognitive Expansionist Society)
     – Parapsychologists and Psychics
     – Large and Growing
     – Roughly 165,000 members

House Kadji
     – Shaman and Spirit-Talkers
     – Small and Scattered
     – Roughly 50,000 members

House Lian
     – Alchemists and Physicalists
     – Large and Stable
     – Roughly 130,000 members

House Mara
     – Necromancers and Sin-Eaters
     – Midsized and Stable
     – Roughy 80,000 members

House Masar
     – Numerologists and Rationalists
     – Midsized and Growing (albeit slowly)
     – Roughly 100,000 members

House Opifex
     – Artisans and Enchanters
     – Large and Growing
     – Roughly 135,000 members

House Silvanis
     – Naturalists and Shapeshifters
     – Midsized and Stable
     – Roughly 75,000 members

House Sophia
     – Miracle Workers and Philosophers
     – Midsized and Shrinking
     – Roughly 75,000 members

House Tanka
     – Ecstatics and Prophets
     – Small and Steady
     – Roughly 40,000 members


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