“No Books of Men” – Demographic Notes (Part 3)

Ahh… The Old Alma Mater. In many ways, where one is educated and in what way is a more powerful factor than one’s House to the Magi of the High Council. While Houses are a vague breakdown of style and personal persuasion, the school one attends reveals a number of other factors which have a stronger influence. Did one attend an ancient monastery, still steeped in traditions older than time itself? Or another attend an ultra modern, technical school which blends bleeding edge technology with arcane arts? One could even attend a school which exists on the border of this world and the Spirit Realms where one is taught by the Ancient Gods themselves.

While House is certainly a strong indicator of the type of magic one is capable of, the schools themselves have just as much or more to say about the individual Mage. A member of House Opifex is a craftsman, no doubt about it. However, a member of the Opifex trained at Greece’s Temple at Olympus and trained by the Roman God Vulcan will have a markedly different style than one trained by the ancient monks of the Shiaolin Temple in China (where they call their smiths “House Gongjiang) or one trained in the high tech Enlightened University of Central Tokyo. Each would be a member of Opifex (or a regional equivalent with a different name) but the difference boils down to whether one uses ancient enchantments, complex traditional alchemies, or enlightened science to work their magics. And this is only one example. Every House has a presence at every School, but the House’s influence and local interpretation varies by location. What follows is a rough breakdown of the schools that exist under the High Council’s purview. Details about each school individual to come at a later date.

Total: Approx 150,000 students worldwide at any given time

The Americas

Collegium Illustrata Columbiana
     – Midsized and Growing
     – Located in a mystically enchanted valley in Colorado
     – Roughly 17,500 students

     – Small and Stable
     – Located in the Andes Mountains in the city of Macchu Picchu (a false duplicate was made for tourists)
     – Roughly 9,000 students


Academy of Lyonesse
     – Midsized and Growing
     – Located in the City of Ys, on the Floating Island of Avalon, off the coast of France and the UK; shrouded in enchanted mist
     – Roughly 16,000 students

The Temple at Olympus
     – Small and stable
     – Hidden in a “fold” or “pocket” in reality containing the true Mt. Olympus in Greece
     – Roughly 9,500 students

Muiriasian University
     – Large and Growing (particularly since the fall of the “Lost Academy”)
     – In the City of Urrasan in Hyperborea, NE of the Ural Mtns and near the Gulf of Ob
     – Roughly 30,000 students


Shiaolin Temple
     – Midsized and Stable
     – Hidden atop “the great mountain which touches the sky,” accessible through a enchanted door hidden from the public
     – Roughly 13,000 students

Enlightened University of Central Tokyo
     – Small and Growing
     – Publicly known in Tokyo, magical secrecy maintained by an “infectious meme”
     – Roughly 8,500 students

Vat Phou
     – Mid-sized and Shrinking
     – Publicly known location in Laos; Secrecy maintained by religious discretion and rarely through “miracles” which hide or destroy proof of magic
     – Roughly 11,500 students

     – Small and Stable
     – Hidden high in the Himalayan Mtns, no magical obfuscation but isolation means almost unknown and impossible to locate by most mortals
     – Roughly 7,500 students

Middle East & Africa

College of Iram
     – Midsized and Stable
     – Hidden deep in the Rub-al Kali, surrounded by an enchanted sandstorm
     – Rougly 16,000 students

The Fourth College of Timbuktu
     – Small and Growing
     – Hidden in labyrinthine caverns below the city of Timbuktu, enchanted to further confuse non-Magi who stumble in
     – Roughly 9,500 students


Central Australian Mystic Arts College
     – Small and Isolated
     – Located in the near perfect center of Australia, obscured by isolation and secrecy
     – Roughly 7,000 students

The Lost Academy
     – Destroyed and Defunct
     – Lost Under the Ice on the Plateau of Leng
     – No students, survivors have transferred to other colleges and most have since graduated


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