“Untitled Novel” – Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Revelations

It took nearly an hour to reach the Nexus. At first glance, the place seemed like any other part of the innumerable ridges and rock piles that littered the area, and I doubted that I would have ever recognized there was in any way significance to this spot if Kadmon had not stopped his entourage and pointed it out. The throng of humanoid bodies obscured the rise upon which Kadmon perched, but it placed his immensity even futher above the rest of us.

We were at the bottom of a large and circular basin, with Kadmon standing in the center of this “bowl.” The width of the basin was surprising. If every single member of the two score strong group were to stand upon the ridge encircling Kadmon, we wouldn’t even be able to reach each other if we tried. Kadmon waited, impatient and tense, for the last of the stragglers to reach his position before he spoke once more.

“Brothers and Sisters. We have arrived. This is the Nexus. This place is the point where the weakest and strongest essence of the chaos which lingers from the Event converge. Where the most basic and reassuring of symbols of the old world is held down by impossibility and uncertainty.” He pointed to a spot beneath his feet, causing the closest ring of individuals to step back in sudden awe, their gasp sending shockwaves of confusion and curiosity through the crowd and washing over me and my friends before disappearing over those behind us.

“This stone is both much more and much less than it appears. It is a fragment of our ancient mother, Luna. The moon, which has been missing from our lands since the Event sent her tumbling from the skies above. She has languished in the lands of mortals ever since.”

The crowd began to part, beckoned to retreat by a combination of shock and obedience as Kadmon’s gestures reached wider and wider toward the crowd. Through the crowd, I could see a small mound, barely larger than that of a small car, rising from the dirt and stone. It closely resembled the moon that I saw from my backyard when I was growing up. The sharp pain of my sudden memory, the longing for what I had lost since the Event, was enough to elicit a deep and worried gasp from deep within the recesses of my very soul. I had a hunch that was exactly the response Kadmon wanted from us, but that didn’t change the reality of the feeling.

“This is not the true moon. This is not Luna. This is but a reflection, a seed of her true essence, which stands here at the Nexus of reality as a beacon. The longing for what is gone pulled us here like a rising tide. With Luna’s child here beneath our feet, we were pulled here by destiny to raise her up. She will take the place of her mother in the skies above. She will grow and grow until her size rivals that of our night’s guide of old. She shall resume the eternal chase of her mother and father, setting the sun back on its rightful path across the heavens.” He reached for the heavens again while wearing an expression of ecstatic bliss.

It was in that moment, seeing his overdramatic poses, that I made my final decision. I couldn’t remain undecided. We had to stop him. I reached out, grasping to find Rick and Bobbi, placing a hand on either’s shoulder and giving it a light squeeze of reassurance and confirmation. No words needed to be said, they knew what I meant by that simple gesture.

“Our mission is just and good. Nothing can stand in our way. We shall raise this shard high and cast it back into the heavens as a conduit of redemption for this wounded world. We shall do this because we must! Go, now! Get to your positions and prepare yourselves. Our convocation upon the Nexus shall save this world. We must be ready. The time of our opportunity is at hand!”

Quickly, pushed to a great briskness by Kadmon’s plea, the crowd scattered to the edges of the circular ridge. Each took a place roughly 10 feet apart from each other, ensuring each was spread evenly around that tiny duplicate moon. Kadmon stepped down as his congregation scattered, is cloven hooves touching the ground once more as he straddled the shard with purpose.

In the shuffle of bodies, I lost track of my companions but trusted they would remember the placement we had agreet to with Claude. I took my position, directly to the south of the object and looked around to confirm others. It took a moment to spot them, but Bobbi had taken her position to the East and was glancing to me with a determined grimace. Rick was to the West, his expression also locked in a mask of determination, but he seemed more self satisfied in his actions than either Bobbi or myself. I could not help but smirk, guessing that he was taking such pleasure as some form of reaffirmation of his own doubts as to the presence of divinity since the Event. I knew it was not malice, but it would go far to reassure him of his place in this world, so I pushed my doubts far from my thoughts.

I looked around the circle. I saw everyone from the camp amongst the faces and figures, even some that I did not recognize from before. They were not my concern. Claude was not immediately apparent, leaving me wondering if he had abandoned us in this final hour. It left me worried and angry, and I was ready to start cursing to myself in frustration when I saw him saunter into place across the crater from me.

He was last to take his position, earning him an annoyed glare from Kadmon, but Claude was unfazed. He seemed more relaxed than he had been earlier, projecting an air of confidence and assurance that seemed to encourage those closest to him. All it did for me was to consign myself to completing this grim task, and not allowing him the satisfaction of such smugness when the task was complete.

Kadmon raised his arms high once Claude was in place and cried out, “It begins!”


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