No Books World Building – Supernaturals, pt I

Vampires. Every modern fantasy/horror setting has to deal with them sooner or later. No Books, being a bit of both genres, is no exception. I have no major plans to bring them into the No Books Anthologies at any point in the near future, I know they exist in this world. Thus, I feel the need to define some basic stuff about them. This way, I’ll be ready if/when I bring them into play. These are my notes to that regard…


  • No “Soul,” but retain all memories, personality, and consciousness
  • All Vampires are gifted with supernatural levels of strength, speed, and resilience. The only other ability all have is an ability to “transfix” a human being by locking eyes with them, this abiity is not unlike the “freeze” induced in prey by predatory species.
  • All require predation upon humans to survive, most often literal blood but in some rare cases a Lineage may not require blood and instead absorb other fluids or substances from their victims
  • Tend to gather in “Nests” of approx 3-10 individuals
    • This is primarily for protection and camaraderie
    • Each Nest is predominantly descended from a single Lineage
    • Vampires and their Nests tend to be tremendously territorial and have been known to frequently come into conflict with neighboring nests over the territory lines. As a nest’s territory expands, so does its population unti it reaches a “maximum size” of around 12-16 individuals when the Nest splits and descends into fighting over the parceling of territory amongst the resulting groups.
  • Vampires are universally descended from a progenitor whose legacy (and powers) are transferred through “family lines” called Lineages
  • While all Lineages are descended from a single progenitor, no two Lineages claim descent from the same progenitor
  • Lineage Examples:
    • Draculs: Some Vampires of this Lineage claim descent from the legendary Dracula, while others instead claim descent from an ancient Romani progenitor whose name has been lost and that Dracula himself was only a story. Either way, thanks to pop culture and Hollywood, these are the iconic Vampires whose legends most know. These vampires are cursed to be repelled by both garlic and holy relics, additionally they are compelled to count any grain scattered within eyesight of them. In return they are blessed with both a preternatural beauty (despite being deathly pale), and the ability to change form into that of a bat.
    • Cainites: Vampires claiming descent from the biblical first murderer. Each is cursed to “suffer under the Eye of God (i.e. the sun)” and are haunted by the ghosts of those they have killed. In return, they have been granted the abilities of an increase in endurance beyond even other Vampires (rumoured they can survive even death) and an uncanny ability in influencing others, where other Vampires can only bind prey to the spot the Cainites can direct them not unlike the Pied Piper of legend.
    • Aswang: Vampires claiming descent from Bayot, “the Beast of Aklan.” Each is cursed to flee at the smell of garlic and certain spice mixtures and take fatal damage from any contact with a whip made of a stingray’s tail. In exchange for these curse the Aswang are gifted with the rare ability (amongst Vampires) to walk in the daylight and can detach their limbs which can then act independently of the rest of the body.
  • Vampires are exclusively created through a ritual taught only to Elders (i.e. those over 50 years of age). While an exchange of blood, requiring the draining, “death,” and subsequent feeding of the Lineage’s bood is a necessary part of all Lineage rituals, without a corresponding ritual of the proper Lineage the result is merely an exsanguinated corpse.

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