No Books of Men: World Buillding – Supernaturals, Part VIII

While Urban Fantasy, as a genre, has a different focus than the broader Fantasy genre there is still a tendency for some to question the status of the “other” races/species. Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, Dragons, Dyrads, Centaurs, Unicorns, and more fall in this category. So, what about them? Do they exist in the No Books setting?

Short answer: Yes. While these races and creatures exist, they aren’t common. These sorts of creatures were rare in ancient times and they have only become more so in the modern era. Some hide in the unpopulated corners of the globe, others seek out refuge in places of magic, still others have simply gone extinct and are only remembered in myths and legends. This is only the briefest of overviews and is not meant to be all-inclusive, just a conception to show how those living in this world are familiar with these races/species. It is unlikely any of these creatures will play more than the smallest of roles in any No Books stories.


  • Just about every mythological creature ever indentified by humanity did exist at one point, though many may not any longer.
  • These creatures, generally speaking, were always rare.
  • In the last thousand years or so, these already rare species have been increasingly in decline. In many cases, this is not a result of direct and conscious efforts by humanity. Instead, most are being wiped out by the same methods as their “mundane” counterparts (i.e. habitat destruction, pollution, etc).
  • A few exceptions exist. For example, European Dragons as violent and covetous creatures were systematically hunted for centuries in a mostly successful program of extinction.
  • Most of the remaining examples of these rare species are found in either deep wilderness areas (e.g. Mokole-mbembe in the Congo, Yeti in the Himalays, Dragons in the Urals, etc) or in safe havens established by other supernaturals (e.g. Unicorns survive in Avalon, Thunderbirds nest in the Columbiana Valley, Djinn walk the halls and streets of Iram, etc)

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