No Books of Men: World Building – Supernaturals, Part IX

The Heralds. The closest thing to Angels or Demons in the No Books setting, but they’re still very different from either classification. The Heralds are creatures created by the Elder Things to serve obscure purposes and dark goals. They are manipulators and architects, building and changing things to suit their masters’ purposes.

They have more power and knowledge than Magi can imagine. They control, manipulate, and abuse more than Vampires could even dream. They have more mutability and adaptability than Werewolves or Shifters think possible. Wyrdlings are created to serve the Heralds and their masters in turn, even those who retain/regain their free will are doing so in defiance of the Heralds. Heralds are (theoretically) eternal and have existed since the dawn of time and will survive its end. They are the Alpha and the Omega, and yet these puny mortals defy them and defeat them at every turn (intentionally or otherwise). They are bound by rules they cannot help but follow, which hinder them in their machinations. They are powerful, but restrained. They are of this world, but something wholly alien as well…


  • Easily the least understood by the other denizens of this world.
  • What is known to most scholars who choose to study them:
    • They are rare. Some estimate as few as half a dozen currently exist and even the most liberal estimates posit more than fifty.
    • They serve strange masters from Realms beyond
    • They are often tremendously powerful
    • They are usually subtle and prefer to remain unknown actors
    • While each is unique, there do appear to be similarities and family groups. Due to insufficient data however, these groups remain unidentified.
  • Information currently unknown, but could be discovered by the bold and interested (i.e. through development/gameplay)
    • Each serves a specific Elder Thing and manipulates events to ensure Its goals come to fruition
    • Each ET designs its Heralds according to both Its goals and Its whims, the latter tendencies create the aformentioned “families”
    • While Herald numbers are low in this Realm, their numbers are much higher if counted across ALL Realms
    • There are actually closer to two dozen Heralds active on (this) Earth at any given time, but they serve (currently) four different masters and are at cross-purposes
    • For every conflict between a Herald and another supernatural group, there are dozens of inter-Herald conflicts which break out.
    • There is a small (less than half a dozen) faction of Rogues, Heralds which have turned against their former masters for one reason or another. There is very little communication between these Rogues, but they are very protective of their own
  • There are many aspects and details of Heralds, their masters, and their missions which are unlikely to be known in-universe. Even Rogues will not be overly forthcoming, due to fear of discovery or unintentionally aiding their enemies.

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