Untitled Novel – Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Another Deal

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“Untitled Novel” – Possible Titles (and my reasoning about each)

So, yeah. This novel has been done (after a fashion) since 2012 and is currently in its second (and final) editing phase. Through all this, it has never had a title. The closest has been the “working” title I’ve been calling it while I work on it. “The Doctor’s Tale” works okay when I’m checking my notes or boring my wife to death with my ramblings, because I/we know what I’m talking about… If I were to publish it under that name it’d cause all sorts of problems. So, now that I’m nearly done with editing, I should pick a name…

So after the break you’ll find a list of possible titles, what I like about them, and what I don’t like about them. Feel free to chime in and give an opinion (either through WordPress directly or (if you know how) via text/e-mail/etc! Continue reading ““Untitled Novel” – Possible Titles (and my reasoning about each)”