Untitled Novel – Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Leap of Faith

As death loomed, a flash of pink appeared between Kadmon and me. I blinked a few times, trying to process what was happing. I realized a second later that Bobbi had kicked Kadmon squarely in the chest. He staggered back from the force of the blow, though he showed no sign of pain. 

Bobbi’s expression was grim, but she was forcing herself to appear resolute. She glanced back at me. “You alright?” She kept herself guarded, but offered a hand to pull me up.

“No.” I said bluntly as I stood with her help. I tried to ignore the burning in my chest, trying very hard to convince myself that there was no internal bleeding or a punctured lung. Instead, I simply stood and breathed and watched Kadmon warily. “But I’ll live.” I hoped.

Kadmon wasn’t worried as he turned to look at the still growing void behind him. “None of this matters, you know… Even if you survive long enough to avoid my wrath, you will still fall into the void.” He laughed maliciously as he lunged forward again, attempting to tackle both of us to the ground.

We scattered, Bobbi ran left and me right. We did so without a word or a moment’s hesitation, we merely acted. Kadmon chose his target in an instant and charged after me, but exposing his back. Bobbi seized her chance and leapt on his back while he was distracted, but he barely seemed to notice. He lunged for me, and I barely avoided his grasp. Bobbi tried to wrap her arms around his enormous neck and choke him into submission, which slowed but didn’t stop him. Meanwhile he tried to crush me and I barey avoided his blows. So we danced for a seeming eternity.

All the while, the hole grew larger. Every sideways glance increased my dread. There was no sign of its real depth. The darkness was so complete that it could have been inches or light-years for all I knew. Only oblivion awaited in that hole.

The collapsing ground was shrinking as it fell into the void. Our battlefield was  only a dozen yards wide by the time that Kadmon had chased me around to the far side fo the crater. There we found Rick, laying on the floor clutching his head. Kadmon laughed at his pain and our subsequent hesitation. He used the opportunity to grab the distracted Bobbi and toss her casually to the ground before him. She bounced and skidded to land beside me and Rick.

I crouched beside my friends with a grim expression. This was it. I was exhausted and out of ideas. The hole expanded ever faster. I guessed that we had maybe five minutes before it reached the edge of the crater walls and left us nowhere to run. That assumed Kadmon didn’t kill us before that, of course. I sighed realizing there was only one option. Accepting my impending death, I placed my hands upon my companions and focused on my odd talent to ease their pain. If we were going to die, best let it come on our own terms.

“We have to jump.” I told Bobbi and Rick with resignation, keeping my voice low while Kadmon gloated behind me. “He’s enjoying this too much. Right or wrong, he’s a dick and we can’t give him the satisfaction. We have to jump. It might be shallow enough we’ll survive, and if not… Well, if not, at least it’ll be on our own terms.”

“Are you sure about this?” Rick glanced between the crater wall and the hole. “That hole doesn’t look safe.”

“Yeah, I’m sure. And we might not survive; I’m actully pretty sure we won’t. We have a choice, though.”

Bobbi looked up at me and nodded. “I trust you. In case we don’t make it… Thank you.”

I leaned forward, giving both of them a faint hug then stood. Ignoring Kadmon’s threats and my own instincts alike, I ran and leapt into the abyss. Behind me, I heard my companions do the same. I heard nothing below me. I saw nothing before me. I held my breath, bracing for the inevitable.


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