Untitled Novel – Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Another Deal

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“Untitled Novel” – Possible Titles (and my reasoning about each)

So, yeah. This novel has been done (after a fashion) since 2012 and is currently in its second (and final) editing phase. Through all this, it has never had a title. The closest has been the “working” title I’ve been calling it while I work on it. “The Doctor’s Tale” works okay when I’m checking my notes or boring my wife to death with my ramblings, because I/we know what I’m talking about… If I were to publish it under that name it’d cause all sorts of problems. So, now that I’m nearly done with editing, I should pick a name…

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Hookay… Dropped off the map there for a bit. Sorry bout that…

To be fair, it’s not like I’ve been slacking or something (though I have been playing a lot of Cyber Sleuth and Legion lately). Instead, my wife convinced me to help her get another site going and its set in the same universe as the No Books series I’m adapting. If you’re curious it’s here and its semi-open (as in a “beta” or “soft-open” phase), you can find the link here.

Anyhow, time to buckle down and get my tail in motion if I’m gonna get the Untitled Novel off the ground and up on Amazon before January. The end is still in site though, as I’ve only got about 40 pages to edit and an estimated 10 or so pages of additions planned. Also, my “untitled novel” might finally be getting a title. Check in on Wed for some of my ideas.

No Books of Men: World Building – Enlightened Academies, part I

Now to start in on the next (and final for a bit, as I really need to get back on track with editing that damned novel) bit of world expansion for the No Books setting. These are the Academies where mages of the Council are trained. While I will not be listing the Order’s institutions here, know that they do exist but are primarily located on the Atlantean Archipelego. These will be organized primarily by continent, but as those divides are as much political and cultural as they are geographical, there wil be a bit of bleed through on the classifications. It’s really more of a breakdown for convenience than a geographical rule of the setting.

Today, we’re starting with the Americas. Why? I live in N. America and thus my brain starts there, close to home, as opposed to elsewhere. Plus, Columbiana University is the place where all this began, as it was there that the original No Books of Men site took place (and thus the vast majority of the upcoming stories are too).

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No Books of Men: World Building – Houses, part III

These are the Ancient Houses of the Council. These are the inheritors of traditions that trace back to the most ancient days of humanity. When the first Shaman spoke to the spirits, the Kadji were there. When the first druid spoke to the beasts and trees of the world, the Silvani were there. When the first seer glimpsed the fate of her tribe, the Tanka were there. In none of these cases did these figures know the name their descendents would raise as a banner and a House to be proud of, but their methods and purpose were, are, and always will be the same. Continue reading “No Books of Men: World Building – Houses, part III”