Untitled Novel – Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Another Deal

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“Untitled Novel” – Possible Titles (and my reasoning about each)

So, yeah. This novel has been done (after a fashion) since 2012 and is currently in its second (and final) editing phase. Through all this, it has never had a title. The closest has been the “working” title I’ve been calling it while I work on it. “The Doctor’s Tale” works okay when I’m checking my notes or boring my wife to death with my ramblings, because I/we know what I’m talking about… If I were to publish it under that name it’d cause all sorts of problems. So, now that I’m nearly done with editing, I should pick a name…

So after the break you’ll find a list of possible titles, what I like about them, and what I don’t like about them. Feel free to chime in and give an opinion (either through WordPress directly or (if you know how) via text/e-mail/etc! Continue reading ““Untitled Novel” – Possible Titles (and my reasoning about each)”


Hookay… Dropped off the map there for a bit. Sorry bout that…

To be fair, it’s not like I’ve been slacking or something (though I have been playing a lot of Cyber Sleuth and Legion lately). Instead, my wife convinced me to help her get another site going and its set in the same universe as the No Books series I’m adapting. If you’re curious it’s here and its semi-open (as in a “beta” or “soft-open” phase), you can find the link here.

Anyhow, time to buckle down and get my tail in motion if I’m gonna get the Untitled Novel off the ground and up on Amazon before January. The end is still in site though, as I’ve only got about 40 pages to edit and an estimated 10 or so pages of additions planned. Also, my “untitled novel” might finally be getting a title. Check in on Wed for some of my ideas.

Back from Vacation, pt 2

What was intended to be a short break from posting while my in-laws were in town quickly turned into nearly a month hiatus from posting. Well, now I’m back from Vacation pt 2 (i.e. the trip my SO and I took to GenCon), and the posting will resume shortly.

First, a few (roughly 2 weeks) of “lighter” fare in the form of notes on word-building the No Books setting. Once school has gotten back in full swing (starts on the 17th already, whoa) and I’m settled into my schedule you’ll see more No Books Project short stories and the final few chapters of The-Novel-Which-Needs-A-Name. Hopefully, we should be back to normal here very soon….