This was a short story that I wrote for two powerful reasons. The first was simply because I couldn’t sleep one night (a very common thing for a few years around 2013). The other was because it had been bouncing around my head for about two years and needed to get it down before it drove me nuts. It’s not my strongest short story, but the concept is still kinda fun, and I may revisit someday when it isn’t 4AM.

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Horcrux: Sins of Our Fathers – Prelude 3

The third and final prelude chapter to Horcrux. Again, this is Harry Potter fanfiction and I don’t always want to admit to having written such… That said: This is BY FAR one of my favorite bits of short/flash fiction. I love how this turned out and though I can see more flaws with it now (half a decade after writing it) I still love the pathos of the piece. It’s one of the shortest of the bits, but its still a favorite.

This is the last of the preludes and I’m probably going to take a break from Horcrux for a while… Just for variety’s sake. There were 5 chapters completed before I abandoned the project. I’ll post those chapters eventually, but I doubt it’ll be in the near future. If you really love the story and want more now (beyond seeking medical help) I can direct you to Fanfiction.net. It’s all on there and I used my constant username, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find if you’re determined…

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Horcrux: Sins of Our Fathers – Prelude 2

The second and (in my opinion) weakest of the preludes. This is from my short-lived Harry Potter fanfiction project to reimagine the world as if the two worlds (wizarding and muggle) were more aware of each other and interacted more. This particular prelude was the least fun to write, even if I did like the character and wanted to revisit him when I got to the story proper. This, more than preludes 1 and 3, was written as a set piece. It set up the world and built upon what prelude 1 established, but didn’t have much “oomph” of its own. As usual with the Bits-n-Bobbles Tuesday posts this is largely unedited, so take it with a grain of salt…

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Horcrux: Sins of Our Fathers – Prelude 1

About 5-6 years ago I was inspired by  Harry Potter & the Methods of Rationality,  a very good fic I’d still recommend even though I haven’t checked in on it in half a decade. I saw someone applying logic and more mature (actually mature, not “adult”) themes and writing style to Harry Potter. I loved the Potter series (still do), but it’s ultimately a YA series and ultimately follows tropes and failings of the genre. I decided to do the same with a twist. I chose  point in the past, WWII in this case, to create a divergent timeline and explore how the world is changed by the “outing” of the wizarding world about half a century before Harry’s coming of age. The story fizzled only a handful of chapters in, but I’m admittedly still proud of what I produced, even with its flaws. This is the first of a trio of prelude short stories (damned near “flash fiction”) to establish the setting. This is “Green Skies.”

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Science Fiction Single Feature

The first in a series of random bits and bobbles posted every Tuesday. Sometimes it’ll be short stories, sometimes poetry, and other random things such as detailed story notes or semi-abandoned novels.

Today’s post is titled “Callisto” and was a short story I wrote about two years ago or so. If I recall correctly, this story came about wholesale in a single night. I was battling some nasty insomnia a few years back and would often go 2-3 days without any significant amounts of sleep. Some nights I stared at the ceiling, while others I played video games… The best nights I produced stories. This is one such story. It is a tale of an expedition to the titular Callisto and what the explorers/scientists find there…

Full Disclosure: This is messy and unedited. Not to mention WAY more sci-fi than most of my writing, so proceed with caution.

Special Note: This story was later used as a set piece for one of my “abandoned” settings. I.e. a series of stories set in a version of Minneapolis about Twenty Minutes into the future… I may go back to it someday… Who knows?

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